The heart of the Hotel Casanna

Once Philippe Rusch had bought the hotel in 1987, he initially only wanted to run a bed-and-breakfast establishment. Towards the end of the first year, he realized that he could not meet the projected revenue. He then decided to start cooking meals himself and offer half board service.

The right recipes and a delicate sense of smell

He was inspired and motivated by Elfie Casty, who ran the highly successful Hotel Restaurant Landhaus in Davos-Laret by indulging her guests with delights of a Michelin-star kitchen. Predominantly he cooked meals using Elfie Casty's own recipes, which he became very good at after some practice.

Philippe Rusch has a distinct taste for finer things and a good nose for them: as early as his student years, he flicked through recipe books and cooked for the student community. To this day, he has remained true to his preference for light, aromatic, low-salt menus without 'unnecessary pomposity'. He cooks with local premium ingredients whenever available. He enjoys reading cooking magazines and the latest cookbooks in order to keep up with new creations and current kitchen trends, without falling for every 'cooking hype'. While reading a recipe, he trusts his intuition to decide whether a dish makes it on his menu or not.

As long as Philippe Rusch's schedule permits, he continues his education on a regular basis: Whether it is about handling a new high-tech kitchen unit or taking private cooking lessons from Michelin-star-awarded chefs. Recently, in April of 2013, he participated in a class from Armin Amrein of "Amrein's Seehofstübli" here in Davos.

Cooking as a passion

Philippe Rusch is not just a hotelier but also a passionate chef: Cooking for him is a matter of the heart - to inspire his guests with culinary delights is not simply a job, but rather a personal gratification.

Half board in the Hotel Casanna

Our half board guests enjoy light and balanced meals in a bright and warmly decorated dining hall: A lavish breakfast buffet and a four-course dinner with a cheese and fruit assortment are standard. 

Half board rooms & rates